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You take a seasoned programmer with a Masters in NLP, a seasoned innovation expert, and a seasoned intellectual property developer and you put them on a team together... what do you get?  PRIMO


PRIMO is a patent pending voice service aggregation engine that compiles the top voice services in order to achieve the most accurate results.  It does this through a proprietary algorithm that will simultaneously collect, rank, and deliver the premier response. 


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PRIMO AI is a patented voice technology testing solution that delivers unique insights into the analytics of the voice technology services industry. As with most industries, not all services are created equal, and that is specifically true with the Speech-to-Text and Natural Language Processing services on the market today.


With there being close to six thousand languages and tens of thousands of dialects within those languages, it would be impossible for one service to get it all right.


PRIMO AI aggregates the top voice technologies in both STT and NLP globally in order to then simultaneously search, collect, and rank the results. This is done in order to deliver the most optimal STT and NLP service for each particular dataset, which can then be recommended as the best overall service, down to the most accurate service for each zip code.


PRIMO AI delivers unmatched, objective, and actionable data which helps build your company’s voice platform and audience.


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"The next big leap in technology will be advances in voice services, a better understanding of the common language is crucial to the future of the internet."


                                                                            Ben Gomes - Head of Search at Google






A company supplies PRIMO AI with their datasets, protocols, and parameters through an API  connection which keeps the data upload secure


PRIMO AI's proprietary voice technology testing solution simultaneously searches, collects, and ranks the results from top STT and NLP providers 

The result is a full analysis which recommends the optimal voice service(s) to use for the each company's datasets based on their requested parameters

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"For many across the country, the wave of the future has a bias problem, and it’s leaving them behind." 

                                                     Drew Harwell "The Accent Gap" The Washington Post  



Here are just a few of the STT and NLP voice service API's we can test with.

primo NLP and STT servies

By 2022, smart devices (e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home and Sonos One) will be installed in 55% percent of US households. 

[Juniper Research]

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